Venture Studio

KP Venture Studio is designed to address various requirements and challenges of todays Corporates, Investors, Government Agencies and Startups who play a vital role in a startup ecosystem.

It offers a number of high-value engagement services including corporate innovation, business incubation, interim executive management, innovation project management and leverages its Venture Catalyst arm for corporate finance, merger & acquisition, business advisory, debt & capital restructuring and fundraising activities.

Venture studio-like atmosphere with intensive consultancy from highly experienced professionals by offering personal mentorship, coaching, training, guidance and advisory to key management or personnel of the startup to develop strong leadership, business acumen and managerial skills required to run a business effectively and in an efficient manner.
Act as extended management, with more than a hands-on approach to address all-important business issues and to provide specific domain expertise in areas such as finance, technology, management, legal, business development and more. In some cases, assume lead project management role to execute proof of concept with the startup and corporates.
Investment priority with selective investors and corporate venture capitals that will contribute to business acceleration and stimulate growth. Access to diverse local and regional network and community of partners, investors, resources and other startup ecosystem to capitalise the business potential and to create rewarding returns to all stakeholders.

Management Team

  • Business Development
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Advisory & Consulting
  • Entrepreneur